About Us

    My love and longing for travel and luxury fashion has inspired me to create a company that makes luxury fashion accessible for anyone who shares the same passion I do! Wanderlux style is a luxury fashion boutique filled with Brand New ( NOT consignment ) pieces and also offers a rental option, providing an exclusive, accessible, and sustainable experience of luxury fashion and accessories, that encompasses all races, genders and body types.

    My infatuation with fashion and clothing started from a very young age, and that infatuation continues to this day. I have spent thousands of dollars, plane rides, train rides, and beach days perusing fashion mags, drooling over all of the luxury brands and items that I never thought I’d ever have access to.

    Then, Covid hit, I was about to become an empty nester, I lost my corporate job, and spent months doing some soul searching and figuring out what I really WANTED to do. I decided I had to follow my passion for fashion and thus, Wanderlux was born. My vision is to create a space that gives you access to luxury fashion and accessories that you may never have dreamed possible, without the thousand dollar price tag, worry of closet space, dry cleaning costs, and waste.

    It’s a luxury fashion boutique that aside from all items available for purchase, also offers a sustainable short term rental experience on most items, providing access to exclusive luxury brands.